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And the reviews kept rolling in!


Director - Chris Higgins

Assistant Director/choreographer - Claire Higgins

This was my first visit to watch the newest members of the Act family, Cre8tiv, in their

first full scale production. I must say from the start I found this production frustrating. Frustrating due to the fact that I struggled to find anything to criticise, it was so good.

In the short space of time this company has been together it has gelled into a really tight

unit and a lot of credit for this must go to the driving force behind Cr8tiv, Chris and Claire Higgins, who were the Director and AssistantDirector/choreographer for this production.

From the opening number you can tell that both the adults and kids in the cast were thoroughly enjoying themselves; their togetherness came across on stage, whilst still

maintaining a disciplined performance.

It was perfectly cast. No one originally auditioned for the lead role of Dewey Finn so Chris Higgins took on the role, and thank goodness he did, the man was born to play that part. From the opening number to finale Chris was a real tour-de force onstage. He was the glue that held this production together. He commanded the stage with an enthusiastic energy but never once went over the top, a brilliant performance. He was well supported by an enthusiastic cast of kids and adults. Sam Duffy, as principal Rosalie Mullins, not only acted well but displayed a lovely singing voice. Her daughter in real life, Bo Duffy played Patty DeMarco with just the right amount of frustration and anger at her partner, Ned Schneebly’s, reluctance to evict his pal, Dewey. Likewise Freddie Howson perfectly played Ned who was drawn between his friend and girlfriend. His musical number with Dewey was especially good.

Now to the School of Rock band: I can describe them in one word, sensational.

Summer Gracie as Zara (lead guitar), Charlotte Hardcastle as Katie (bass), Mia Gislow as Lauren (keyboard) and last but by no means least Freddie Butler as Freddie (drums) not only played their instruments but acted superbly as well. Summer’s guitar solos were off the scale. Huge congratulations to the four of you. All the kids acted and sang wonderfully.

Tilly Musson was perfectly cast as the bossy group manager Summer Hathaway. Jacob Jolly put in a lovely comic performance as Billy. In fact Caitlyn Maclean, Isla Robinson, Summer Brady, Heidi Dawson, Isla Gilbertson Beth Howorth, Armenia Kishmishian, Isaac Wan and

Madison Whitham all deserve praise for their enthusiastic performances. Special mention in the singing department must go to Liza Brady as Wallflower Tomika with a voice beyond

her years; it was stunning. She is definitely one to watch out for in the future.

The adult cast equally stepped up to the mark each playing multiple roles with enthusiasm and gusto - well done all of you. I am not a lover of minimalist sets, but it worked perfectly for this show, and congratulations must go to stage manager, Lowri Williams and crew

for the slick changes. Praise also for the very good lighting. Finally, even though there were

instruments playing onstage an orchestra, sorry pit band was still needed. Congratulations to Michael Mayor and the band for some great playing.

It is hard to believe that this was Cre8tiv’s first full production. It felt as though the society had been together for years. From the front of house, the technical crew, the band, right through to the ensemble onstage, a huge congratulations.

I cannot wait for the next one.

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